Introduction to Our Technology

Our portable EEG headset technology is the culmination of over four years of R&D.

The below sections provide a scientific overview into some our ecosystem’s unique breakthroughs.

EEG headset

Standardizing Brain Data

Creating the first universal standard

Today’s brain technologies, made for research and medical use, have various drawbacks. The fMRI lacks temporal resolution, and requires space and special expertise to operate. The EEG is subject to variability, human error and artifacts which distort the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR). Other inaccuracies stem from the anatomical differences between people and inaccuracies from the manual placement of the electrodes. As a result, in different datasets, the same nominal electrode can see different brain areas.

Simply put, data between individuals will often be imprecise, making it impossible to accurately benchmark and accumulate Brain Data for meaningful Big Data Cloud analysis.

Our advances in technology, both hardware and software, were built for the purpose of creating a universal standard for measuring and recording Brain Data.’s proprietary Auto Donning & Brain GPS™ technologies solve these problems through automation: providing confidence that data is collected, measured, recorded and labeled accurately.

EEG headset

Auto Donning

Creating the first universal standard

Today’s Wet EEG requires the user to visit a fixed location, takes about 70 minutes and relies on a technician to manually place gels and sensors on the users head; sometimes interrupting the procedure to make changes.

With the Brain Sensei™ Headgear, has developed the first ever Closed Loop Based Auto Donning System.

This groundbreaking Auto Donning technology automates the process by calibrating the sensors to each user’s head, without needing assistance from a technician. Auto Tuning Sensors, located inside the Brain Sensei™ headgear, take only 5 minutes as compared with 70 minutes for the Wet EEG.

The user simply wears the Brain Sensei™ and the Closed Loop Auto Donning technology will adjust the sensors to their head, optimizing for both maximal signal and maximal comfort.

Brain Sensei™ Headgear
Auto Donning system calibrates to the user’s head

Why is comfort important?

Less comfortable technologies may claim to produce high quality signals, but if the user is in pain or uncomfortable, the signal being received (while possibly accurate) will be overwhelmed by the user’s discomfort from the treatment itself, influencing the results.

With comfort in mind, our Auto Donning system calibrates to the user’s head, maintaining a continuously accurate and high quality EEG signal over time.

This technology was created to reduce artifacts and produce higher quality data in a faster and friendlier manner.

Brain GPS™

Maps the brain, providing certainty that the data is accurate.

After the Brain Sensei™ is on the user’s head and the Auto Donning technology calibrates to their scalp, the next step in the process is our Brain GPS™ technology.

First, let’s understand the existing problems.

Anatomic Variability

Human beings have unique head sizes, head shapes, skulls, scalps and hair styles. Additionally, the brain’s actual shape and functional areas are not uniform. Like veins, we all have them but their placement can differ between individuals. This variability makes it very difficult to measure and record Brain Data with manual EEG systems.

Since the brain’s functional areas are not the same between individuals, the sensors placed by the technician and the data collected will be compromised. This makes it nearly impossible to compare data samples and draw meaningful insights, since the researcher cannot be sure that they are “comparing apples to apples.”

Operator Error

Due to manual placement, at best the sensors will be slightly different across procedures. At worst, they will be placed incorrectly to begin with. Wet EEG systems attempt to mitigate this known issue by measuring head sizes, while Dry EEG systems have no protocols.

Enter Brain GPS™

To solve these problems, our proprietary Brain GPS technology automatically and precisely places the sensors on each individual’s unique scalp and then “maps” the brain to locate the correct areas: providing certainty that the Brain Data collected, observed and recorded are accurate. For the first time, this innovation allows for uniformity and ultimately, the creation of reliable “Big Data” sets.

It’s this breakthrough technology that enables us to standardize brain data and draw meaningful Brain Insights™.

Now that Brain GPS™ has recorded precise data, we want to understand what it means.

Brain Cloud

Powerful engine that provides Brain Insights, use cases, reports and tools.

To summarize, the Brain Sensei™ headgear goes on the user’s head, it’s Auto Donning technology calibrates the sensors to the user’s scalp, and the Brain GPS™ technology precisely “maps” the user’s brain to ensure the correct areas are being monitored and measured.

Enter the Brain Cloud

All of the standardized data collected from the Brain Sensei (described above) is now tagged and transmitted to our Brain Cloud. Algorithmic engines that clean the data, remove artifacts and prove the clearest Signal to Noise Ratio.
The Brain Cloud will be comprised of massive data sets from diverse use-cases, empowering the generation of actionable intelligence, what we call Brain Insights , such as Focus, Fatigue, Excitement and many others, which our customers can view in real-time via accessible dashboards.

In the future, organizations collecting Brain Data with their own equipment can format to our standards and use the Brain Cloud via API, in order to benefit from the collective networking effects of shared big data.

As data samples grow, the Brain Cloud will become a leading source for reliable Brain Data. In essence, a powerful engine that provides insights, use cases, reports and tools to accelerate industry and make the process of developing products and services significantly faster.

Brain Activity Insights

Brain Insights

Data based indicators of human behavior

Generated by the Brain Cloud, Brain Insights are data-based indicators of human behavior such as:

  • Cognitive load
  • Focus
  • Engagement
  • Mental fatigue
  • Attraction
  • Desire
  • Anxiety
  • Reaction Time
Brain Insights include
Cognitive load

Cognitive load







Mental fatigue

Mental fatigue



Reaction time

Reaction time