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Brain Infrastructure

We’re on a mission to provide researchers, medical practitioners and software developers the underlying foundation to interpret, analyze and build brain based products and services.
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From EEG to API

Brain.Space is bringing to market a comprehensive and affordable end-to-end technology stack that includes the Hardware, Software & Workflows, to access and interpret brain activity data via API.

Groundbreaking Sensor Design

The world’s easiest, most efficient and cost effective EEG headset.

Unprecedented Data Precision

State-of-the-art denoising architecture removes artifacts for millisecond-level accuracy.

Robust Developer Platform

Full developer platform, including API, cloud infrastructure and analysis tools.

Transformative EEG ML

Machine Learning previously inapplicable to EEG, pattern-matches across petabytes of data.


We’re building a brain activity end-to-end stack with the ability to revolutionize education, professional sports, elderly care and academic research.
EEG headset