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Our Human x Ai brain ecosystem:
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The Research Kit

Designed to empower scientists, researchers and innovators to unlock the potential of the human brain.

The first end-to-end EEG system that extracts, labels and analyzes data in real time. The perfect solution for the researcher EEG needs. Experience minimal setup time, cloud-based auto-analysis, and clean data delivery with auto-labeling. Gain actionable brain insights immediately after each session. A faster research process and standardization of data.

  • The Brain Cloud

    Allows researchers to share and learn from each other’s data, provides a seamless experience for all your EEG research needs and Enhancing our BDaaS ecosystem.

Our cloud-based analysis tools:
  • Spectral analysis report (power spectrum)

  • Topo-plot analysis

  • ERP analysis

  • Time frequency analysis

  • Connectivity analysis

  • Brain Insights meter- cognitive load, engagement, focus, stress and more

The world’s first
Brain-Data-as-a-Service platform

The Brain-Data-as-a-Service ecosystem

The Brain-Data-as-a-Service platform is comprised of cutting-edge hardware and software components:
  • The Brain Sensei™

    • Proprietary hardware: automated process non-invasively and accurately collects brain data with the click of a button.

    • In development, our next-generation headgear is designed for home use, and accompanied by a companion app, providing maximum comfort and delivering high-resolution brain signals.

      The Brain Sensei™ 
      2.0 in development

    Brain Sensei™
  • Brain Cloud

    Brain Data is de-noised, standardized and automatically tagged by ML models.

  • Brain Analytics

    Analytic tools provide two levels of Brain Data analysis: clean data for research and Brain Insights.

    • Brain Insights - viewable via our client dashboards; actionable data-based indicators of human behavior, such as: cognitive load, mental fatigue, engagement, focus, and many others.

      • Anxiety
      • Cognitive Load
      • Desire
      • Determination
      • Engagement
      • Euphoria
      • Focus
      • Mental Fatigue
      • Reaction Time
      • Resilience
    • Clean Brain Data - viewable via researcher’s dashboard; clean, reliable and ready-to-use raw Brain Data.

Designed for top research centers

The Brain Sensei™ 1.5 headgear

Our proprietary hardware automates the EEG process and accurately collects Brain Data with the click of a button.
    • 115 Sensors

      Equipped with 115 sensors (gold standard), the Brain Sensei™ 1.5 delivers higher resolution signals than traditional EEG.

    • 5 Mins

      Minimal setup time-5 minutes as compared to 70 minutes for existing solutions.

    • Auto Donning Patented

      Auto Donning process eliminates the need for a technician, making it super simple to operate.

    • Brain GPS™ Patent pending

      Innovative Brain GPS™ “maps the brain” delivering standardized data.

    • Brush type electrode

    • LED Lights- indicate sensor status

    • 3D printed parts made of lightweight PA12

    • VR connector

    • Optional integration with 3rd party peripheral biosensors

    • Sensor Layer

      115 EEG sensors + GND Extended 10-10 EEG  placementNon-invasive dry electrodesAll mechanical parts are mold injected from low friction polymersPenetrates long and dense hair types.

    • Pneumatic Layer

      AutoDonning System adjusts electrodes to variable head shapes, optimizing for maximal signal and comfort.Small air cushion on top of all 115 sensorsConnected with air tubes to PNU (pneumatic unit)

    • Electronic Layer

      Each sensor has its own dedicated unit to amplify the analog EEG signal and transform it into a robust digital signal.

Start your Brain-Data-as-a-Service journey, today.

Curious to know when your customers experience mental fatigue? Wondering about the optimal time to acquire new skills? Interested in selecting the perfect app color for maximizing user engagement?

With's expert researchers and engineering team, we can assist you in defining and creating the ideal Brain Data-driven solution, through our BDaaS platform, in one of two options:

  1. ML model to be embedded in your product (no Brain Sensei™ needed).
  2.’s tailor-made dashboard for your needs.

Project workflow:

  • Profiling

    Let’s have a cup of coffee. We will map your needs and design the custom-tailored workflow.
  • Model Development

    Brain Data is collected, de-noised, standardized and automatically labeled in the Brain Cloud.
  • Deliverable Proprietary

    Providing you with Machine Learning Models based on Brain Data, ready for deployment, and customized dashboards delivering the desired Brain Insights, enabling you to enhance and accelerate your business.
designed for commercial use

The Brain Sensei™ 2.0 headgear

The products of the future will be hyper-personalized and based on your unique brain.
The Brain Sensei™ 
2.0 in development

Brain Sensei™ 2.0 brings high resolution brain signals with maximal comfort made for active,long-duration sessions. For everyday life, from App development to consumers. 

    • Industry Leader

      The first EEG headgear in history to be tailor-made for commercial use

    • Lightweight

      Brain Sensei™ 2.0 is significantly lighter – 245g (as compared to 1950g in version 1.5)

    • Portable

      Greater portability and ease of use

    • 5 Mins

      5 minutes as compared to 30 minutes for existing solutions.

    • Brush type electrode

    • LED Lights- indicate sensor status

    • 3D printed parts made of lightweight PA12

    • VR connector

    • Optional integration with 3rd party peripheral biosensors

    • Lightweight

      20 EEG sensorsNon-invasive dry electrodes10-20 EEG placementPenetrates long and dense hair types.Elastomer electrodes

    • LED lights

      Indicate sensor status.

    • Wireless

      Wireless connectivity to the BDaaS Brain Cloud.

    • Peripheral Biosensors

      Optional integration with 3rd party peripheral biosensors (ECG/eye-tracker/ GSR) and VR gear.

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