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The brain data company

The Brain Data Company

  • Creating a new breed of Human AI

    We have designed Brain Data collection and analysis tools to incorporate the Human element into AI-based technologies. This new breed of Human AI presents opportunities for innovation across industries and designs solutions based on the human mind.

  • Bridging the gap between Machine and Human Intelligence

    By viewing mental and emotional states as objectively as a blood test, we can categorize, classify and model these patterns to create Large Brain Models. These models can predict behaviors, enable personalized experiences, and design tailor-made solutions for humanity.


The Brain Sensei™ 1.5 headgear

Equipped with 115 sensors, the Brain Sensei™ 1.5 is a state-of-the-art EEG headgear that delivers real-time, high resolution signals to a dashboard designed for researchers.

  • AutoDonning technology calibrates the sensors to all head shapes and sizes, eliminating the need for a technician - making it super simple and fast to operate.

  • Now, Brain Data collection is possible with minimal setup time (5 minutes as compared to 30 minutes for existing solutions)

  • Brain GPS™ technology “maps the brain” and precisely places the sensors on each individual’s unique scalp to locate the correct functional areas.

  • Brain GPS™ enables standardization of Brain Data for the first time, empowering meaningful and cooperative research processes.

The ecosystem

Introducing The first ever Brain-Data-as-a-Service platform

Brain-Data-as-a-Service supercharges the value of brain data, building a shared big data library that can be leveraged for the value of all participants, while keeping research data anonymous and private.

  • The Brain Sensei™

    Proprietary hardware: automated process non-invasively and accurately collects brain data with the click of a button.

  • Brain Cloud

    Brain Data is de-noised, standardized and automatically tagged by ML models.

  • Brain Analytics

    Analytic tools provide two levels of Brain Data analysis: clean data for research and Brain Insights.

Start your Brain-Data-as-a-Service journey, today.

Curious to know when your customers experience mental fatigue? Wondering about the optimal time to acquire new skills? Interested in selecting the perfect app color for maximizing user engagement?

With's expert researchers and engineering team, we can assist you in defining and creating the ideal Brain Data-driven solution, through our BDaaS platform, in one of two options:

  1. ML model to be embedded in your product (no Brain Sensei™ needed).
  2.’s tailor-made dashboard for your needs.

Project workflow:

  • Profiling

    Let’s have a cup of coffee. We will map your needs and design the custom-tailored workflow.
  • Model Development

    Brain Data is collected, de-noised, standardized and automatically labeled in the Brain Cloud.
  • Deliverable proprietary Human AI models

    Providing you with Machine Learning Models based on Brain Data, ready for deployment, and customized dashboards delivering the desired Brain Insights, enabling you to enhance and accelerate your business.


Clean Brain Data for Research

As the first all-in-one system designed for top  research centers, our AI tools and ML models empower rapid and accurate research capabilities.

  • Brain Sensei™ headgear - the industry’s highest quality data collection tool
  • Minimal set-up time - 5 minutes instead of 30
  • Accurate & Reliable - using Brain GPS™
  • Auto De-noising - removes artifacts from data samples
  • Researchers' dashboard - analysis with the push of a button
  • Standardized Brain Data - for cooperative research processes
  • Brain Data for export -  collaborate and share with ease

Brain Insights

Brain Insights are actionable data-based indicators of human behavior

Say goodbye to guessing,and hello to knowing.

For the first time, different industries can accelerate innovation and hyper-personalize products & services based on the user’s unique Brain Insights.

Brain Insights include

  • Anxiety
  • Cognitive Load
  • Desire
  • Determination
  • Engagement
  • Euphoria
  • Focus
  • Mental Fatigue
  • Reaction Time
  • Resilience

Integrating with peripheral sensors

Integrating our EEG monitoring technology with peripheral sensors –such as eye tracking, ECG and GSR– will allow us to infer the subject’s mental state from smart devices.

  • Built-in turnkey solution for selected sensors
  • Standard synchronization via LSL for other solutions
  • Full paradigm integration
  • Millisecond synchronization

Space Mission in space

Chosen by NASA, established itself as a pioneer in building the standard for monitoring neuro wellness in space. We proved that our technology works in the harsh conditions of outer space, can be operated autonomously by the astronauts, and can collect and provide excellent data.


We’re proud to partner with leading institutions and businesses across the world. Interested to explore a partnership?

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