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We believe that designing a future of Human AI will revolutionize the way we interact with technology. was founded in 2018 by Prof. Shai Efrati and Dr. Amir Haddani, both medical doctors specializing in neurological diseases. came to life through the process of treating patients. Being in the field, we saw the need for an accessible brain monitoring device, and the necessity to leverage large quantities of Brain Data in order to share and compare big data sets.

After searching, we saw that there was no solution for Brain “Big Data” – and we realized that we had to create it ourselves. Along with co-founders Yair Levy and Israel Deutsch, we are an elite team with deep expertise across the medical, data science, neuroscience and engineering disciplines, who have teamed up to change the future of Brain Data.

  • Meet the team

    • Yair Levy

      CO-Founder & CEO

    • Prof. Shai Efrati, MD​​

      Co-Founder & Chairman

    • Amir Hadanny, MD PhD

      Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

    • Israel Deutsch

      CO-Founder & CTO

    • Tomer Fekete PhD​

      Chief Science Officer

    • Jonathan Hepner​​

      Chief Strategy Officer

    • Amir Shteinberg

      VP R&D

    • Hagar Mizrachi

      VP Operations

    • Nir Apelbaum

      Director of Product Design

    • Yoni Svechinsky

      Director of Software & Innovation

    • Roi Zamir

      VP Business

    • Eugene Sherman


    • Eran Privman PhD


    • Gal Peled

      Project Manager

    • Lika Karp

      QA Manager

    • Arie Wischenka

      Lab technician

    • Michael Slama

      Electrical Engineer

    • Shira Hadar

      Software Developer

    • Evgeny Luk Zilberman

      Senior Data Scientist

    • Guy Perera

      System Operator

    • Stav Munis

      System Operator

    • Eyal Pasternak

      Front-end Software Designer

    • Tom Touati

      Software Engineer

    • Shachar Meretz

      Software Engineer

    • Guy Harel


  • Board of Directors

    • Prof. Efrati Shai, MD​​

      CO-Founder & CEO

    • Roy Saar

      Board Member

    • Oren Vanek

      Board Member

    • Yair Levy

      CO-Founder & CEO

  • Investors

  • Partners

In the press

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  • Astronaut Helmets Straight out of Sci-Fi Could Decipher Our Brains in Microgravity

    To settle Mars, we'll need to know how space transforms the human brain. A neuroscience startup is on it, beginning with the crew of the historic Axiom-1 mission.

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  • remakes the EEG for our modern world (and soon, off-world)

    Figuring out what’s going on in the brain is generally considered to be somewhere between extremely difficult and impossible.

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